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[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

All of the school shots are great Sidney....they work so well in black and white...great choice. Phil


sidney, may i know where this school is located? thanks. hope you can email me.i want to help this school, even to provide each kid with school supplies. thanks.


I like the picture of the child infront of the bulletin board. I remember in grade school, we had a similar one. When I was in grade 3, my adviser made me in charge of our bulletin board. I designed it with nice drawings and cut-outs. I also placed the names of birthday celebrants. I had fun doing it.


is impressive to see their determination to get educated...
good shot...


teachers/educators are the unsung heroes. my grand-aunt used to say that without them, there'd be no noblemen or doctors or Presidents.

She's right.


This is a really great series!!


Wonderful. Love the classroom shots.


more terric shots - the lady in the top one does seem to have the expression of "will you pleeeeease stop taking my photo" about her!


Great topic. You cover the whole Philippines.


5th shot again for me bro, the other shots are also really lovely, thats it, stick to making your images either B&W or monochrome.



Nice pictures, I believe teaching is one of the most noble profession...till it got commercialised.


such sweet photos of the school room. brings back such memories. especially the perfect lines on the chalkboard.


Gosh! I love these photos! Innocent and real.

You have a marvelous eye!

Excellent work!


Wonderful photos of the school/education series... love that last but oneth snap...

Al Bjørnstad

Very good photos Sidney!

It is very sad that the government has not placed any money for schools (until now).


I look this images in Africa, in Switzerlnad is ervery thing very modern


On découvre en profondeur ce qu'est l'école aux Philippines. On sent que tous ces élèves ont envie dapprendre et semblent respectueux de leur professeur.

Gérard Méry

Tu es instituteur ou photographe ?
les élèves sont studieux en te voyant.

Wim van der Meij

It looks like English is the language at school, is that also the case in everyday life?
Nice series again.

Shazeen Samad

Beautiful Series sidney, The fourth one is my fav here :)


looking at the cursive writing on the blackboard, I realised that I never had the chance to learn how to write in cursive. Boo!

But I love this series; very nostalgic as it brings back my memories when I was still a kid in school.



haha the teacher seems upset with you taking pictures and not concentrating on the lecture..


students looks well behaved and serious in their studies.


Nice to see shots from inside the classroom.


I can't believe those desks are still in use... Awesome shots!

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